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An installation manual is usually written by a technical writer or other technical staff. During an installation of a computer program, it is sometimes necessary to update the installer or package manager itself. The common pattern for this is to use small executable files which update the installer and starts the real installation after the update.

definition of installation guide

Installation guides are most often used by software developers who wish to help users install their software programs smoothly and successfully. Next, you’ll need to define your workflow which includes how users are going to proceed through your guide as well as the process you will use to write your document. It’s likely that your software installation guide will be a team effort and there will be more than one technical writer involved in its production.

How to Write a Software Installation Guide

Installation instructions should start with an overview of the product or system, its requirements, and its components. Then, they should provide step-by-step instructions on how to install, configure, and test the product or system. User guide should start with an introduction that explains the purpose, scope, and conventions of the document.

With a useful installation guide in their toolbox, fewer customers need to contact support to help them understand how to set up their new software. With fewer customer support tickets opened, your business is able to operate more efficiently and help more customers who really need it. Automated software installation, also known as software deployment, is the process of installing software on multiple computers using a software installation script.

  • Commercial applications for macOS may also use a third-party installer, such as Mac version of Installer VISE (MindVision Software) or InstallerMaker (StuffIt).
  • It’s also important to consider your target audience when writing a software installation guide, as it will help you decide how detailed the software installation guide needs to be.
  • Your guide may be for open source software or proprietary software, depending on your business model.
  • All software products and most electronic gadgets and systems display messages to give feedback about system status and to signal if there are problems with the system.

In case of payment, installation costs means the costs connected and relevant to or incurred as a result of installing the drivers or the equipment in the customers’ premises. The Installation Guide provides instructions for system, Oracle Database and Application Server

What is Shared Software Installation?

installation. It lists the most significant areas of interest for managing the installation. The most important step is pulling together and reviewing your content using a content management system that can accommodate teams of writers and reviewers. You’ll need to first write your content but then invite reviewers to comment on the effectiveness of your documentation. The first section should include information on the purpose of your software and the main features it offers.

Choose a template that is simple and easy to read, but makes it clear that your installation guide is part of your overall brand. Pay attention to brand colors and fonts to give a sense of continuity to your documentation. Easy to set up and friendly to development teams, Document360 will have you documenting your software in minutes. With quick access to previous versions and the capabilities for review, full customization, adding callouts and error codes in the content.

For example, which version of the operating system is needed and processing speed is required to enable the software to run correctly. When users are empowered to easily install and launch the software themselves, this results in a much more positive experience with more satisfied customers. Customers appreciate that your business has taken the time to evaluate their needs and are more likely to keep using your software. Use the following checklist for post-installation and configuration requirements. You can proceed with the installation of Starburst Admin using the following steps,

after preparing the control node and the managed cluster nodes.

One of the reasons to use this approach is to automate the installation of a large number of systems. An unattended installation either does not require the user to supply anything or has received all necessary input prior to the start of installation. Such input may be in the form of command line switches or an answer file, a file that contains all the necessary parameters. Windows XP and most Linux distributions are examples of operating systems that can be installed with an answer file.

definition of installation guide

Since the interfering elements are absent, a clean installation may succeed where an unclean installation may fail or may take significantly longer. A class of modern applications that do not need installation are known as portable applications, as they may be roamed around onto different computers and run. Similarly, there are live operating systems, which do not need installation and can be run directly from a bootable CD, DVD, USB flash drive or loaded over the network as with thin clients.

How do you balance clarity and conciseness in installation instructions vs user guide?

The following Installation and Configuration Guide template provides instructions for installing components on computers that are intended to support and run your product. Sharing software packages is a great way for businesses and educational institutions with multiple computers to save disk space and installation time. Your customers will really appreciate this section of the Installation Guide since they would be able to set up the product and see it in action quickly and thus build up their confidence in the product. Once that confidence is established they can proceed to fine-tune the settings and adapt it for more refined and complicated tasks.

define installation instructions

All software products and most electronic gadgets and systems display messages to give feedback about system status and to signal if there are problems with the system. What are the basic features, characteristics, of the software or product in question? To do this, identify known issues, common mistakes users may make when configuring the system, and any recommended settings. In the next section, describe the steps to install and configure the components. The following prerequisites and requirements must be satisfied in order for the to install successfully.

The software installation guide empowers customers to get started on their own. A software installation guide is a document aimed at users of your software which helps them install, uninstall, and upgrade your software. It informs them of the prerequisites needed to use your software and helps them troubleshoot common errors during setup.

Software localization, also known as software internationalization, is the process of adapting software for use in different regions or countries. 1) Place the software you want to install on a CD or some other medium of choice. For example, let’s say you have four LED lights in the front of your product or four circles displayed on the status bar of your software.

Another trend is to supply instructional video material with the product, such as a videotape or DVD, along with the owner’s manual. Some computer programs can be executed by simply copying them into a folder stored on a computer and executing them. Other programs are supplied in a form unsuitable for immediate execution and therefore need an installation procedure. Once installed, the program can be executed again and again, without the need to reinstall before each execution. The Installation Guide supports technical consultants and system administrators that need to install Oracle Health Insurance applications. It provides instructions and hints to optimize, fine-tune or localize the behavior of Oracle Health Insurance at a system level.

definition of installation guide

An upgrade is a software installation that replaces an existing software package with a newer version of the software. – If you are upgrading software, you should do a clean installation rather than an upgrade. – If you are installing a new operating system, you should always do a clean installation. Scheduled software installation is an unattended software installation that can be scheduled to run at a specific time.

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