Top 20 Software Development Trends for 2023

VSMPs help software engineering leaders identify and quantify opportunities to improve software product performance by optimizing cost, operating models, technology and processes. Value stream management platforms will take two to five years to achieve mainstream adoption. 5G, the fifth generation of wireless technology, is set to revolutionize connectivity and enable a new era of innovation. And as mobile networks continue to grow and consumers adopt more 5G devices, more and more companies are investing in the development of applications that take advantage of 5G’s capabilities.

trending technologies in software development

The use of technologies such as AI, cryptocurrency, the Internet of Things and cloud computing is driving concern about the related energy consumption and environmental impacts. This makes it more critical to ensure that the use of IT becomes more efficient, circular and sustainable,” Gartner stated. Gartner defines machine customers, which are also called ‘custobots,’ as nonhuman economic actors that can autonomously negotiate and purchase goods and services in exchange for payment. “By 2028, 15 billion connected products will exist with the potential to behave as customers, with billions more to follow in the coming years. This growth trend will be the source of trillions of dollars in revenues by 2030 and eventually become more significant than the arrival of digital commerce.

Progress in Green Technology

Gene editing can be used to correct DNA mutations, solve the problem of food allergies, increase the health of crops, or even edit human characteristics like eye and hair color. CRISPR-Cas9 has been around for a few years, but in 2023 we’ll see gene editing technology accelerate to give us the increasing capability to “edit nature” by altering DNA. We also might see further development in AI-enabled autonomous avatars that can act as our representatives in the metaverse, even if we’re not logged into the digital world. You might be familiar with Blockchain due to Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, but it goes far beyond it.

trending technologies in software development

By processing data locally, edge computing promotes real-time decision making and supports applications that require immediate and low-latency responses. For example, workflow management software is a specific type of cloud computing that’s transforming business operations. By automating and optimizing key business processes, workflow management software can help users streamline tasks, minimize errors, and improve productivity. The main concerns of mobile and web development projects built using low-code/no-code platforms are future scalability, security, and general flexibility. We wouldn’t recommend building your entire software development strategy around low-code platforms.

Artificial Intelligence & ML

Additionally, nascent technologies, such as quantum, continue to evolve and show significant potential for value creation. By carefully assessing the evolving landscape and considering a balanced approach, businesses can capitalize on both established and emerging technologies to propel innovation and achieve sustainable growth. “AI-augmented development is the use of AI technologies, such as GenAI and Software Development Technologies machine learning, to aid software engineers in designing, coding and testing applications. AI-assisted software engineering improves developer productivity and enables development teams to address the increasing demand for software to run the business. However, the ones mentioned above are here to stay due to the impact they have on society and our dependency on software developments and applications.

  • Unlike in the previous era, you can hire a dedicated team to work on your project.
  • This decentralized nature and the ability to store any type of data make it one of the most secure technologies available.
  • Among the event highlights is the discussion of emerging software engineering trends.
  • Similarly, blockchain is also disrupting the finance industry, fostering faster and more secure cross-border transactions.
  • Hospitals, security offices, legal authorities, and also the Pentagon recognize the value of the technology.

You can effortlessly extend or customize your applications to meet evolving business needs. Or, you can remove components that aren’t working as intended, facilitating interactive development across multiple versions. In a survey of CEOs and senior business executives, 26% cited the talent shortage as the most damaging risk for their organization. Attracting and retaining talent is CEOs’ top workforce priority, while AI was named the technology that will most significantly impact their industries over the next three years, Gartner reported.

AI trust, risk and security management

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trending technologies in software development

The applications of IoT are already in use for smart home devices, smart cars, and home appliances, which are growing potential in today’s world. Business software developers recommend the drastic shift to IoT models as they provide better decision-making technologies and enhance the efficient use of collected data. AR, VR, and MR are the three technologies that have stagnated over several years. As a result, most software developers in development teams are often looking for efficient ways to increase experience on the user end by implementing low-cost and efficient technologies. However, AR, MR, and VR are the trends that will fundamentally change how we interact with the world around us.

Trend 19 – Outsourcing Software Development will Prove to be Cost-Effective

With the development of IoT devices and advanced solutions like 5G, we’re witnessing unprecedented connectivity and integration. With this in mind, organizations must carefully consider their data handling practices and use thorough security measures to protect sensitive information. Cloud computing has been revolutionizing the way organizations handle their data and workflows. For example, Warby Parker, an eyewear retailer, offers an AR feature on its app so customers can virtually try on glasses to see how they look on their faces. Wayfair, an online furniture store, provides an AR feature that lets customers visualize furniture in their homes before making a purchase. Retailers are also applying AR to enhance the shopping experience, giving customers the option to try on virtual clothes or visualize furniture in their own space before making a purchase decision.

trending technologies in software development

This is “a trend we are seeing across low-code tools,” remarks Richard Riley, general manager for Microsoft’s Power Platform. As a result, at least for professional developers, generative AI and no-code development are becoming synonymous. Both techniques provide ways to quickly generate code by specifying certain routines. But there are distinct differences between the techniques as well — generative AI assists professional developers, while low- and no-code technology is targeted more at non-developers. “The direct impact of AI on the productivity of software engineering could range from 20 to 45 percent of current annual spending on the function,” according to a McKinsey analysis.

Distributed Cloud Services

The COVID-19 pandemic made remote work the “new normal,” making companies realize the growing need for business availability, data recovery, and high accessibility of servers and data. Are you curious about which technology will be in demand in the future, or do you want hands-on experience with emerging technologies? Let’s dig deep into what we have covered in the top 12 trending software development technologies in 2023.

The complexity of developing the right code for different functionality is increasing day by day, and new talents are reluctant to work in such high-pressure environments. There was no international standard for measuring the quality and integrity of a software system before ISO/IEC 9126. It is a software quality standard that helps determine trustworthiness, dependability, and resilience in software applications by calculating quality measures based on the number of weaknesses in the software. “Generative AI certainly appears to be another way for code to be automatically generated,” says Dr. James Fairweather, chief innovation officer at Pitney Bowes. “It’s showing the potential to be a great aid in bridging the gap between the intent of a person and the computer programming required to solve a task.”

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